Is your emergency plan up to date?

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Big changes are coming—as schools and workplaces continue to reopen, we all need to prepare for what’s ahead. For people or loved ones with a bleeding disorder, part of that preparation can include completing an emergency preparedness plan. BleedingDisorders.com has information and reminders that can help you get your plan in order.

Add a medical bracelet to your list of necessary supplies
In case of an emergency, having a medical ID bracelet and carrying a wallet card may help save precious time. There are other things you can do now to prepare for an ER visit that may happen in the future. Download and print an ER checklist to take some of the stress away from urgent situations that may arise.

Take advantage of the calm before the storm
There’s no way to know when an emergency may happen. But there are steps you can take now to prepare yourself, your family, AND the ER staff for any future emergency situations:

  • Find an ER with bleeding disorder experience (ask your doctor for a recommendation)
  • Schedule a pre-emergency appointment at your ER of choice
  • Get emergency preparation information from your hemophilia treatment center team

Find more information about each of these steps and other ways to prepare at BleedingDisorders.com.

Make your voice heard
Until a cure is found, bleeding disorders need to be actively managed throughout a person’s life. That means starting out with a management plan that you are confident fits your needs and goals, and then staying connected with your doctors to make sure that plan changes if needed over time. BleedingDisorders.com offers several discussion guides aimed at helping you better communicate with doctors about the long-term management of your or your loved one’s bleeding disorder. Download and use the guide that works best for you.

Connect with the Bleeding Disorders community on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. You can also sign up to learn more about a program designed especially for the bleeding disorders community.


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