Saving Lives

On January 11 I gave a presentation on our company and its humanitarian programs in developing countries to the employees and management of New England BioLabs, the oldest biotech company in the US, and where my husband Kevin is employed. (Yes, I really do have a husband, even though he doesn’t often make it to NHF meetings or book cover photo shoots!) The employees heard about our unique model that solicits and attracts factor that normally would be destroyed (from HTCs, homecare companies, patients and chapters) and ships it free of charge to the developing world. In 2006 we broke all records by shipping 9.7 million units (about $9 million worth of factor)!

We also presented our nonprofit Save One Life, which provides individual sponsorships for children with bleeding disorders in the developing world. We provided photos and talked about the ravages of untreated bleeds. NEB proved to be a gracious host and attentive audience, and quite a few employees asked to sponsor children. If you would like to learn more, visit www.saveonelifeinc.org. We are helping to ease the suffering and save the lives of children who are often forgotten, neglected and in need of immediate help. Congratulations to NEB, a company with deep social conscience and compassion.

Photo: Jeannine Cardoza (executive director, Save One Life); Laurie Kelley (president, LA Kelley Communications); Jim Ellard (CEO, NEB); Julia Long (director, SHARE)

Book I am reading: “Take Yourself to the Top,” by Laura Fortrang. ****
I’ve read this gem twice before, but it’s always good at the beginning of the new year, to motivate, reassess and move forward with gusto.

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