Which Suitor is More Attractive?

Far more interesting than watching Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock or Britney Spears and what’s-his-name marry and divorce is the romance going on between PBMs and certain homecare companies. Express Scripts is one suitor that doesn’t give up easily. Last week I told you that Express Scripts made a hostile bid for Caremark; Caremark jilted it this past week. It prefers the attentions of CVS, which has also bid for its hand. Those of you who use Caremark for your homecare needs better pay attention; and those of you who don’t better pay attention. The marriage of any of these giants is going to continue to impact our community, directly and indirectly. Although allegedly all this wedded bliss is supposed to lower prices of drugs, it remains to be seen in the hemophilia bottom line. What it will do for certain is consolidate power— and squeeze out the market share of smaller homecare companies who are not owned by large specialty pharmacies or PBMs.

Caremark shareholder approval of CVS or Express Script (most analysts are betting on CVS) is the next thing to watch. Tune in—

Book I read this week: “Thunderstruck,” by Erik Larson. **** Four stars
Fascinating true account of a murder mystery in London that riveted the world, and the parallel invention and development of the wireless by Marconi— and how these two events eventually crossed paths with explosive and fateful consequences. Great reading!

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  1. While the effects of the aquisition will certainly be felt throughout the hemophilia community, in and of itself, it doesn’t spell disaster.

    Of far more importance is the attention that our public officials, especially those seeking office, are paying to the state of healthcare in America at large.

    It’s vital that consumers educate themselves about each candidate’s solution to the crisis.

    I would welcome some insight and suugestions for proactive measures the community can take to make sure our interests are well served.

    It’s easy to point out problems, lets hear how we can be proactive.


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