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Hemophilia in Pictures

World Federation of Hemophilia, 2005
English, Spanish, French, Arabic,
Russian, Chinese;
Web module, PDF or CD only

Pictorial guide to hemophilia for healthcare workers, parents, patients. Reflects the multicultural diversity of the global hemophilia community. Useful for teaching people with low literacy levels. Includes teaching notes.

The Gift of Life

Plasma Protein Therapeutics
English; Spanish subtitles

How plasma protein therapy is created, from plasma donor to patient, from vein to vein. Hear from plasma donors,physicians, consumers; learn about the complex development of plasma protein therapies and the industry’s commitment to safety, quality, innovation.

Bad Blood: A Cautionary Tale

Necessary Films, 2010
Directed by Marilyn Ness

Gripping documentary about how HIV and hepatitis C contaminated the US blood supply in the 1970s and 1980s; the role of various organizations and companies; effects on hemophilic families; how community advocates changed the blood banking system.