Additional Resources: Periodicals


National Hemophilia Foundation

Bimonthly. Newsletter of largest US hemophilia nonprofit. Articles on bleeding disorder medical research and treatment; articles for families; reports on community events.

Dateline Federation

Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA)

Quarterly. News magazine of second largest national hemophilia nonprofit. Healthcare information about bleeding disorders, government, healthcare events, innovative programs.

The Villager

Hard copy or e-newsletter.

Bimonthly. Information about hemophilia treatment; tips for living an active life; inspirational stories from people living with hemophilia; latest programs and services from Pfizer.

One Voice

Save One Life

Quarterly. Newsletter of Save One Life, a nonprofit founded by Laurie Kelley, which provides individual child sponsorships to children with bleeding disorders in impoverished countries.

The Source

Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association

Quarterly. Information about the global plasma protein therapeutics industry. Includes interviews with key leaders; guest articles on safety and innovation; stories about patients and plasma donors; US and European legislative and regulatory topics.

Hemophilia World

World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH)

Triannual. Articles on WFH activities and what hemophilia organizations around the world are doing to improve care.

Post Script Informer

Patient Services, Inc. (PSI)

Quarterly. Newsletter of nonprofit that helps people with certain chronic illnesses or conditions locate suitable health insurance coverage and access ways to satisfy expensive co-payments. Up-to-date information on insurance changes for people with chronic disorders.

Factor Nine News

Coalition for Hemophilia B

Quarterly. Brief newsletter features latest news and treatment for hemophilia B; community events.


National Hemophilia Foundation

Monthly. Electronic newsletter informs the community on current medical breakthroughs, blood safety, advocacy updates, industry information, community news.


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