Additional Resources: Online Resources

Explores Takeda’s scholarship opportunities, community events, articles, advice, tips; patients can connect with insurance resources and their Takeda rep or HTC. 

Hemophilia Village
Pfizer Inc.

Provides info about programs and resources to assist the hemophilia community, including Constructive Conversations.

Hello Tools: School Guide

Website contains presentation and downloadable PDFs: workbooks and toolkits give patients and supporters info to get started; school resource guide supports academic success, development, and well-being of students with bleeding disorders.

Living with Hemophilia®
Bayer HealthCare

Info on clotting factors, genetics, pain management, medical treatment for patients and caregivers. Website features Bayer Leadership U, Living Fit! and “Living with Hemophilia on Your Own Terms” video series explaining hemophilia terminology.


Program designed by and for the community to support career development through inspirational community stories, tailored resources. Includes collection of career resources for patients and caregivers to learn more about workplace rights; finding assistance when transitioning to college or a new job.

Factor My WayTM

New website helps hemophilia patients: free trial
program for Octapharma therapies; access to factor for patients who lose coverage; copay assistance; insurance assistance; patient educators; nurse educators; social media sites for community connection; guest speakers; patient stories.