November 2002 – Volume 12 Issue 4
Teaching Your Preschooler about Hemophilia

Inside PEN
As I See It: Good to the Last Drop
Insights: Needlestick Hazard Reduced!
College Step-by-Step: Make Yourself A Winning Candidate

August 2002 – Volume 12 Issue 3
How is von Willebrand Disease Diagnosed?

Inside PEN
Theme Park Summer Fun: How to Relax While Weightless
2002 Eric Dostie Memorial Scholarship Winners
NEW Insights Column: Factor Shortage Over!
BAXJECT Device Unveiled
Hemophilia Statistics

May 2002 – Volume 12 Issue 2
The PEN Hemophilia Resource Guide

Inside PEN
The Value of Reading a Good Biography
Scholarships for People With Hemophilia
Meet the Staff

February 2002 – Volume 12 Issue 1
Gene Therapy 2002: Setting the Standards

Inside PEN
Gene Therapy and the Developing World
Gene Therapy: Reaching a Star
Adopting a Child with Hemophilia


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