November 2019 – Volume 29 Issue 4
Volunteering for a Gene Therapy Clinical Trial?

As I See It: Gene Therapy? Not For Me
Inhibitor Insights: Disclosing a Diagnosis
Richard’s Review: Early Factor Concentrates
YOU: Could a Cure Be Personalized?

August 2019 – Volume 29 Issue 3
How Adolescents Understand Hemophilia

Inside PEN
As I See It: On Time Can Be Too Late
Inhibitor Insights: Inhibitor’s At a Glance
Richard’s Review: Mentoring for Hemophilia
YOU: Learning for Experiential Education
HemaBlog: When Donating Factor

May 2019 – Volume 29 Issue 2
Clotting Factors: Aren’t They Basically All the Same?

As I See It: You Be the Judge
Inhibitor Insights: Life After Immune Tolerance
Richard’s Review: Reading and Romancing
YOU: Where Does Your Factor Come From?
Project SHARE: A Proper Diagnosis

February 2019 – Volume 29 Issue 1
PEN’s Biennial Bleeding Disorder Resource Guide

Inside PEN
As I See It: Who Makes the Decision?
Inhibitor Insights: Online Health Info
Richard’s Review: Basil Rathbone
YOU: How to Learn About Your Disorder

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