November 2004 – Volume 14 Issue 4
Hemophilia, Incorporated
How the Hemophilia Business Works in America, and What Threatens to Change It

Inside PEN
As I See It: Changes in the Provider and Reimbursement
Climate Insights: From Plasma to Prophylaxis
A Project SHARE Story: A Guardian Angel

August 2004 – Volume 14 Issue 3
Seven Reasons to Remove a Port

Inside PEN
As I See It: “Your Child’s Port Needs to be Removed.”
Insights: Having Another Child with Hemophilia?
A Project SHARE Story: Galo Villamil: A Teacher’s Courage
Eric Dostie Memorial College Scholarship Winners 2004

May 2004 – Volume 14 Issue 2
What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know May Hurt You
Misdiagnosed Bleeding in Women

Inside PEN
As I See It: Hemophilia Carriers: Fact and Fiction
Insights: Mad Cows and CJD in the USA
A Project SHARE Story: Alexandru Caruseru: The Boy Who Loves Books and Bikes

February 2004 – Volume 14 Issue 1
The PEN Bleeding Disorders Resource Guide 2004

Inside PEN
As I See It: Savvy Consumers Use Reliable Resources
A Project SHARE Story: Quang Nguyen’s Brief Holiday From Pain


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