November 2017 – Volume 27 Issue 4
Prophy and the Young Adult: Can We Achieve Adherence?

Inside PEN
Would I Quit Prophylaxis
Inhibitor Insights: What Causes Inhibitors
Richard’s Review: Dancing with Hemophilia
YOU: Factor Dosing

August 2017 – Volume 27 Issue 3
The Impossible

Inside PEN
As I See It: Things Can Change
Inhibitor Insights: Being Part of the Team
Richard’s Review: Going Abroad While Staying at Home
YOU: Carriers, Get Tested!

May 2017 – Volume 27 Issue 2
Gene Therapy: What’s the Prognosis?

Inside PEN
As I See It: The Power of Comedy
Inhibitor Insights: What’s in a Number?
Richard’s Review: Hemophilia Onstage
YOU: What Does Gene Therapy Mean?


February 2017 – Volume 27 Issue 1
PEN’s Biennial Bleeding Disorder Resource Guide 2017

Inside PEN
As I See It: From Print to Social Media
Inhibitor Insights: Resources
Richard’s Review: Treatment by Transfusion
YOU: Early Education


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