November 2012 – Volume 22 Issue 4
The Jobs Journal: Working with Hemophilia

Inside PEN
As I See It: Following My Dream
Inhibitor Insights:Tired of Being Special
Richard’s Review: Living Lab for Hemophilia
Project SHARE: Working with Georgia

August 2012 – Volume 22 Issue 3
Problems in Paradise? Hemophilia in Our “51st State”

Inside PEN
As I See It: Yo Soy Americano
Inhibitor Insights: ITI Budget Constraints
Richard’s Review: Vampiros y Hemofilia
Pulse on the Road: Saving a Life on a Remote Island

Download the English version of Richard’s Review: Vampires and Hemophilia

May 2012 – Volume 22 Issue 2
Hemophilia Renaissance: New Treatments & Gene Therapy

Inside PEN
As I See It: Hemophilia the Second Time Around
Inhibitor Insights: Wishful Thinking
Richard’s Review: Hemophilia in Science Fiction
Pulse on the Road: Aloha!

February 2012 – Volume 22 Issue 1
Private Parts: Is Your Personal Health Information Exposed?

Inside PEN
As I See It: Health Database Built on Partnerships
Inhibitor Insights: Guarding Your Personal Info
Richard’s Review: Guitarist with Hemophilia Inspires Novelist
Project SHARE : $6.5 Million Program
Pulse on the Road: 2011 Travel Wrap-up