November 2009 – Volume 19 Issue 4
Crossroads Home Care, 340Bs and Insurers: The Battle Over Your Child’s Factor Dollars

Inside PEN
As I See It: Hemophilia and the White House
Inhibitor Insights: Using Distraction to Help Your Child Heal
Transitions: Operators Are Standing By
Homefront: Advocate Seeks Partner
Richard’s Review: Richard’s Holiday Picks

August 2009 – Volume 19 Issue 3
Crossroads Plasma-Derived and Recombinant Factor: Historical Perspective, Matter of Choice

Inside PEN
As I See It:Going the Distance
Inhibitor Insights: When It’s Time to Try Plasma-Derived
Transitions: Self-Infusion: A Major Milestone
Richard’s Review: Tell No One
Parent to Parent: Learning Self-Infusion

May 2009 – Volume 19 Issue 2
Crossroads Patient and Physician:
Communication and Conflict in a New Hemophilia Era

Inside PEN
As I See It: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
Inhibitor Insights: CommUNIcation: You and I
Storm Watch: A New Law, A Mother’s Dream
Transitions: There’s a New Chef in Town
Homefront: Dripping on the Independence Dance
Richard’s Review: Remembering Dr. Charles Drew

February 2009 – Volume 19 Issue 1
PEN’s BiAnnual Bleeding Disorders Resource Guide 2009

Inside PEN
As I See It: Understanding How — and When — Children Learn about Hemophilia
Inhibitor Insights: Show and Tell: Not Just for Elementary School
Storm Watch: Blood, Sweat and Tiers
Richard’s Review: A Flaw in the BlooD
Transitions: Be Honest. Just Not Too Honest.
Homefront: When “we” have a bleed


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