November 2016 – Volume 26 Issue 4
Clearing a Path: Women Need a New Diagnosis

Inside PEN
As I See It: From Carrier to Hemophilia A
Inhibitor Insights: Biofilms
Richard’s Review: Being Whole
YOU: We’re More Than Carriers

August 2016 – Volume 26 Issue 3
Living with Hemophilia and Depression

Inside PEN

  • As I See It: My Story—Rewritten
  • Inhibitor Insights: Prone to Depression
  • Richard’s Review: Fathers in Hemophilia
  • YOU: About PK

May 2016 – Volume 26 Issue 2
The Most Exciting Time in Hemophilia

Inside PEN
As I See It: Letter to My Future Self
Inhibitor Insights: SIPPET Bombshell
Richard’s Review: Poetry
YOU: Choosing Factor

February 2016 – Volume 26 Issue 1
Will Your HTC Be There When You Need It Most?

Inside PEN

  • As I See It: The Sum of My Parts
  • Inhibitor Insights: No Inhibitor, No Problem?
  • Richard’s Review: Disclosing Hemophilia
  • YOU: HTC vs. Home Care Company